We breathe music
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What we do

We develop, produce, license, distribute, compose, publish and breathe music. We are a multi-cultural, multi-genre and multi-service music enterprise.


  • +3,000 songs produced
  • +25,000 tracks available for licensing
  • +250 songs composed, styles ranging from Classical to Heavy Metal
  • Native genres from all over the world
  • Express production: 48/72hrs delivery
  • Recording studios in London, Madrid and Buenos Aires
  • Clients such as HBO, BBC, ITV, Endemol and more


+90,000 tracks including:

  • Original Music
  • Multitracks
  • Acapellas
  • Cover Versions (unique & soundalike)
  • Instrumental
  • Backing Tracks

Here are some of our releases

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Our platforms

Logo de Suena box

Suena box

An intuitive sync licensing platform to expose content for creators, and to license for music supervisors and consumers.


Logo de Brava Music Market

Brava Music Market

The world of the best latin music is just 3 clicks away. Instrumental tracks, acapellas, karaoke version and more in the ultimate store for your latin music needs.


Logo de Indisruptible


The next generation of workshops to survive against disruptive changes in the music industry by Rythm Intensive® and Viel Music.


Logo de Sunfly Karaoke

Sunfly Karaoke

With more than 25 years in the karaoke business, Sunfly is the ultimate source for all karaoke needs. Available In-store, streaming, and for mobile.



The team

Logo de Joseph B. Lede

Joseph B. Lede

Mastering Engineer & Audio Curator

Originally from Houston Texas, Joe is the “Mastering Engineer & Audio Curator/Editor” of choice for Viel Music.
With 20 years of experience in the industry; he has worked all over the world, a true virtuoso of his craft and a talented artist in his own right.
Joe´s globetrotting career has exposed him to the most varied of music genres in the Americas, Asia and Europe,
we guarantee he will caress your music into the most beautiful and compelling work of audible art.

Logo de Enrique Blanco

Enrique Blanco

External CTO

Enrique is a computer engineer from Albacete, Spain. He has more than 15 years of experience architecting IT Solutions for various companies such as Real Madrid FC and Ricoh, whilst also managing large technical teams. Enrique oversees all technical developments for Viel Music and has been crucial in the development of our latest technology platform- Suenabox.

Logo de Cristian Larrosa

Cristian Larrosa

CEO & Co-Founder

From Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cristian is the CEO & Co-Founder of Viel Music. Cristian keeps his talented team motivated by possessing a firm but fun attitude towards work. With 15 years of experience in the music industry, covering a wide range of executive positions in South America and Europe, Cristian is also a music producer and singer-songwriter who enjoys to spread positivity throughout his workforce which is highlighted by his strong rapport with his team members and clients.

Logo de John West

John West

COO & Co Founder
E-mail: west@viel.fm

From Blackburn, North England, during the 90’s John took great advantage by staying up to date with digital changes in the Music Industry whilst also trying new concepts, such as creating internal labels, sound libraries for media licensing. In 2013 alongside his partner, Cristian Larrosa, John founded Viel Music- a subsidiary label of Sunfly Music Group and set up a new office in Madrid, Spain. After branching deeper into the Latin market, Viel eventually developed to become the principle Spanish branch of Sunfly Music Group and is now successfully operating as Viel Music.


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